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Frye Island ME roofers for over 25 years, and we are proud to install new roofing in Frye Island Maine for homeowners needing roof repair. Our company has been founded on reputation in providing quality roof installations for residential homeowners and light commercial properties in Frye Island Maine. Homeowners need a company they can trust to install their new roof and we are happy to help so just give us a call and we’ll be glad to schedule a free appointment so we can look at your old roofing shingles, flat roof or any other roof repairs needed to make sure you have a watertight roof.

Frye Island Maine - Homeowner-RooferFrye Island Maine Roofing Contractors

We understand that having a new roof put on your home or commercial property can be stressful, and we are recognized as a Select Shingle Roofer with the CertainTeed Corporation, and it has recognized David Deschaine roofing as one of the Select Shingle Master Companies in Southern Maine. What that means is you are going to get the best, and you want that on your home in Frye Island ME.

Maine-Master-Shingle-ApplicatorMaster Shingle Applicators – Insured Roofing Crews

What makes the best local roofer are three different components, and it starts with understanding how the homes are built in Frye Island Maine, and how the roof structure requires the necessary ventilation and underlayment’s on each individual residential property or light commercial property. Our roofing technicians are the finest you will find in Frye Island Maine, and we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, and this is part of our primary component, also fully insured work crews so you are protected in case something goes wrong. You want to make sure you use quality roofing products and the required roofing ventilation to give you the long-term durability for your new roof.

Will I Have To Get A Permit To Have a New Roof Installed In Frye Island Maine?

As a homeowner in Frye Island Maine you will want to consult your local town or city office to make sure that you will not need a permit to install your new roof, and we can also take care that for you. During our appointment we will contact your local town or city office to see if it’s required to pull a permit before installing a new roof, usually a roof is something you don’t need to have a permit for, but with all the tax deficits in the local cities and states it may be required to pull a permit before have a new roof installed.

Best Quality Roofing Products – You Deserve The Best Roof

Best Quality Roof In MaineWhen it comes to having your roof replaced you really want to get the best quality products. We buy all of our materials from a local Maine distributor called Applicator Sales and Service. We make sure you get only the very best, because it’s important to you, and we want you to be another one of our satisfied customers. Some roofing companies will try to sell you the lowest quality products for the lowest price, and before you know it you have problems with those low quality roofing products, make sure you only use the best and you will be happy for many years to come.

Local Frye Island Maine Roofing Contractors – Just Ask Our Past Customers

Maine Home Owners - Great Roof ReplacementWe are your local Frye Island Maine roofing contractor, and all you have to do is ask one your friends and neighbors if they have ever heard of David Deschaine roofing and siding, and they will say keep out the rain and that’s we do in Southern Maine. We are proud to be one of the most recognized and influential roofing contractors in the state and many of the other so-called roofers try to keep up with us. Yes their may be a few that can install a good roof, and we can install them all, but make sure you call us to look at your roof when you’re ready to have your roof replaced in Frye Island Maine. We will make sure you get the best. We are your local roofers in Frye Island ME, and you will get the very best, because your home is your largest investment and we want you to enjoy your new roof for years.

Fully Insured Frye Island ME Roofers – Watch This Video To Learn More

Our company has fully insured work crews, and has done a lot of jobs in Frye Island Maine, and the difference between our company installing a new roof is that we take great pride in what we do. Our roofing experts have installed so many roofs in Frye Island, and we want to make sure the you understand that a roof system is not just laying old shingles over the existing roofing materials, but you get a complete roofing system that includes fully insured roofers, the best roofing materials, and ventilation for your home, and the local code enforcement in Frye Island Maine may have included some requirements for ventilation.

Roof Repairs in Frye Island Maine – Sure Start Plus Protection

Maine-Sure-Start-PlusWe do roof repairs in Frye Island ME. Our roof technicians are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. All of our guys are factory trained or have passed the Master Shingle Applicator Test. It is a very comprehensive overview about how to install flashing, do roof repairs, and how to install brand-new roofs especially in the local Frye Island Maine area. Make sure you fill out the free estimate form on our website so you can have access to all of the services we provide including roof repairs, roof replacement, and full installation of asphalt roofing shingles and metal roofs in the local area.

Free Roofing Estimates Frye Island ME

We always provide free written estimates in Frye Island Maine, and our friendly sales staff will go over everything, and help you understand what is included in have a new roof replaced, or to do a major repairs which may include some ventilation, or  complete roof installation for your home in Frye Island Maine. We make sure that you get the very best which includes all the requirements so your shingles get the extended workmanship guarantee, extended labor guarantee, and of course the manufacturer’s warranty on your roof is good for as long as you live in your home in Frye Island Maine.

Shingle Replacement Frye Island Maine – Check Out Our Prices!

Maine-Select-Shingle-MasterShingle replacements are one of the biggest parts of our business in Frye Island Maine.  Understanding what it takes to schedule the appointment, order the materials correctly,  which includes underlayments, new roofing materials, drip edge and all the required flashing. Chimney flashing replacement ,or any of these extrusions through the roof the requires professional attention. We only install complete roofs that include all the components so we can give the extended workmanship guarantee, and our expert shingle replacements in Frye Island ME have stood the test of time for years. So make sure we do your roof – We offer all the roofing services you need All-Year Round.

Roof Snow & Ice Removal Frye Island ME – Roof Shoveling

roof-shoveling-maineOver the last couple years we have received a lot of snow in Frye Island Maine, and it is important to understand that you need to remove all that snow and ice along the eves and overhangs, so you don’t have any ice dams and ice dam build up that cause water damage. Even your insurance company will tell you that you must remove all the snow and ice from your roof in Frye Island Maine. In the long run it saves you a lot of aggravation, because you don’t want have water pouring in your house, and getting all over your personal belongings, leaking into your attic or crawlspace, and soaking can your insulation. It is so much easier just to call us, and we will send one of our snow and ice removal technicians to your home in Frye Island Maine. We will have everything removed from the eves, and overhangs making sure you have a watertight roof.

Expert Roofing Crews In Frye Island ME – David Deschaine Roofers

roofing-in-maine-guaranteed-workmanshipOur expert roofers in Frye Island Maine provide the highest quality installation of roofs, and many homeowners provide written referrals for our new or potential customers. Our reputation is strong and we are known as one of the best roofers in Frye Island Maine. All you have to do is turn on the television, and you hear the jingle Keep Out The Rain Call Dave Deschaine. Our reputation is impeccable and we want to make sure that you get the best roof possible, that’s why our roofing experts in Frye Island Maine are the best and we will only sell you the best quality roofing materials backed up with our expert roofing crews installing the new roofing materials, whether it is asphalt shingles or metal roofing or metal roofing repair what ever the roofing problem we can take care of everything.

Maine Frye Island Roofing Company

We are known as the premier Frye Island Maine roofing company that is one of the most highly ranked roofers in the state by CertainTeed. We are known as a Master Shingle crew, which is the highest credential that CertainTeed allows. CertainTeed roofing products are rated number one in all the high end roofing magazines. They stand the test of time during the heavy snow and ice that we get here in Maine. Our roofing company is one of the most famous roofers in the state, and we really take great pride in all I workmanship, and we want to be the roofing company you choose for your home in Frye Island Maine. So give us a call and we will schedule a free in-home estimate, and we will look over all the options to make sure that you get the best roof possible for your home in Frye Island ME.

Flat Roof Repair Frye Island Maine

Roof -Replacement-using the best underlaymentOne of the biggest issues is flat roofs in Frye Island Maine. Homeowners call us because they have a dormer or aside addition on the home that has a flat roof. Make sure you look over our entire roof repair guidelines when we send over a free quote. We want to make sure that if you need a flat roof repair, and you live in Frye Island Maine you’ll have all the options you need. What we recommend is that you take pictures of the roof area from the ground, or from a bedroom window and e-mail those to our office and that will help us prepare your free estimate for your flat roof repair in Frye Island Maine. We appreciate your time in visiting our website and go over all of this information and we look forward to working with you with your new roof replacement or new roof repair and Frye Island Maine.

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